The Lloydhof Bremen is a large commercial building from the 1980s located in the inner city of Bremen.

Its renovation and revitalization follows the principles of “the living house”, a synergetic mix of living, hotel, working, retail and gastronomy in one building complex. The open-minded adaptation and expansion of the existing fabric -as found- is maximizing available resources and updates the existing city in incremental steps.

The double storey roof extension appears only schematically behind a discreet band of finely perforated copper-sheeting which -in its flatness and its translucent quality- contrasts and accentuates the materiality and the silhouette of the existing building. Hidden behind this screen there will also be a restaurant with a roof terrasse for the public to enjoy a new view across the roofs of Bremen’s city centre.


  • Upcycling of an innercity building complex


  • DLH Bremen GmbH


  • gross floor area: 2700 sqm
  • competition: 2018, 1. Preis