The former Telekom high-rise will be converted from an office building into a residential building.Through its scale and presence, the building stands in stark contrast to its surroundings. Nevertheless, the decision to preserve the tower makes sense. On the one hand, there are aspects of sustainability if the primary structure of the existing building and thus the „grey energy” contained in the reinforced concrete components can be preserved and reused. On the other hand, this construction form offers a sustainable solution for a densely populated city with generous green spaces. With a lively colored façade, the building will be integrated into the urban context.

Two freely positioned linear buildings respond to the surroundings on an urban planning level through their volumes and profiles. They meanwhile establish a connection to the solitary high-rise by means of scale and materiality. The design of open spaces integrates the ensemble with the urban landscape: the roof of a converted technical building is connected to the site via seating steps and activated as a public space; the plinth building features a meadow garden for the use of the residents.

The dominance of the office tower is counteracted by colour, materiality and detail. The redesign is carried out through minimal interventions. All residential floor plans correspond to the existing structural grid; large units can be extended by combination with neighbouring flats or divided into smaller units, so that in addition to the required mix of flats, many further variations are possible.

A screen of loggias is added to the long sides of each building, extending each apartment with an exterior space that can be adapted according to individual requirements. The screen makes for a lighter appearance of the building and reveals the variety of uses within. The balustrades pick up the colour shades of the adjacent park while the foldable glazing of the winter gardens sets the façade in motion. The shimmering overall picture corresponds with the atmosphere of the surrounding urban landscape. Both aesthetically and programmatically, the liveliness of the park permeates the building.


  • Development of a residential quarter with day-care centre and commercial units, an existing 16-storey office high-rise is converted for residential use


  • BPD Immobilienentwicklung GmbH


  • gross floor area: 41.000 m²
  • competition: 2019, 1st prize