30. June 2024

Tag der Architektur
We offer guided tours of our office and the surrounding Werkhof site. A small exhibition of ongoing projects is on display. Sibylle Bornefeld, Jürgen Bartenschlag and Andrew Kiel talk about current aspects of our work.

27. June 2024

Living in the Glasshouse
In her lecture 'shifting focus' at the symposium in Vienna's Museumsquartier, Vera Hartmann will present current and previous works and discuss the change in planning approaches they reflect.

13. June 2024

Einfach(er) machen!
Presentation by David Wegener at the symposium "Einfach in die Zukunft" organised by Museumsrunde Berlin

11. June 2024

Building with Wood in Urban Spaces
At "Forum Holzbau", Sibylle Bornefeld, together with Christian Kaufmann from Kaufmann Bausysteme, presents the Offices for Federal Authorities currently under construction in Berlin