The New Experimenta in Heilbronn

Edited by Louisa Hutton and Matthias Sauerbruch



The extension of the Experimenta Science Center in Heilbronn is a unique building that expresses the city's transformation into a place of science. This publication documents this transition and the new Experimenta building as its living proxy.


Similar to the building’s spiral path, which continuously offers new views inward and outward, this documentation presents new perspectives with each chapter, both in terms of content and design. In three texts author Florian Heilmeyer undertakes an excursion into Heilbronn's urban history, guides us through the building itself and its development, and finally locates the design in a broader architectural-theoretical context with an essay on spiral buildings.


Numerous photographs of the building as well as historical images illustrate the chapters.


Published by Lars Müller Publishers in both German and English.


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