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This office building with a multi-story wooden modular construction is situated at the urban transition between the banks of the river Spree and the Berlin district of Moabit. Initially intended as an interim accommodation during structural work on the Federal President's Offices at Schloss Bellevue, the building will subsequently be used on a permanent basis by a federal authority.

With its autonomous volume, the design mediates between the dense blocks of the City and the loosely built park-like landscape of the government district. Towards the Spree River, the bending block forms a representative forecourt.

On the regular floors, wooden modules with offices and meeting rooms are organized in a ring around a central zone. These modules, including fixtures, are prefabricated in the factory and stacked on the construction site to form five floors on a base of reinforced concrete. The top floor is erected as a wooden element structure with freely formed frames that define the space. The concept of materials follows the logic of construction: the base is made of fair-faced concrete. The wooden surfaces in the offices and the attic remain visible. Natural or recyclable materials are also used in the facade wherever possible. Conversions and extensions to the building can be carried out in a minimally invasive manner; partition walls can easily be removed or added.

Thanks to its use of renewable and recyclable building materials and its forward-looking design, which allows for a flexible response to changes in use, this representative building constitutes a landmark project that decisively addresses the future.


  • Office building in modular timber construction with conference rooms. Interim residence to the Federal President and the Offices of the Federal President.


  • Bundesrepublik Deutschland

in cooperation with

  • Drees & Sommer SE


  • gross floor area: 14.700 m²
  • competition: 2021, 1st prize

project team