Cologne's inner green belt connects as a recreational area the city center with the extensions of the 19th century. The new building is embedded as a solitaire in the northern section of this park and together with the Colonius telecommunications tower and the Telekom and Herkuleshochhaus skyscrapers it constitutes an ensemble. At the interface between city and park, the project articulates a spatial transition between the green belt and the surrounding neighborhoods.

With the unsealing of the previously covered site and thanks to the narrower footprint of the new building, the park area stretches right up to the street, where it transitions into a city square that is enlivened by restaurants and stores on the first floor of the high-rise building. The organic building volume is positioned in the urban space in such a way that it is perceived from the street from its narrow sides, creates a clear contour towards the building block on the opposite side and at the same time opens up to the park. On the top floor of this 80 meter high building, a restaurant and bar offer views over the city center and Cologne's Dome.

The provision of high-quality office space with excellent use of daylight and reduced air-conditioning requirements is at the focus of the sustainability concept. The regular floors can be subdivided into up to three usage units thus allowing the implementation of a wide variety of floor plans. The floors are opened up by two-story loggias on the south façade, which improve the microclimate and encourage informal interaction.

The building structure consists of a reinforced concrete skeleton whose floor slabs are kept sufficiently slender by prestressing so that they require significantly less concrete and steel. Material efficiency and a high recycling rate are the key features of the element facade. It can be dismantled and recycled separately if the building is to be demolished. Individual elements of the façade can be installed, renewed or adapted from the inside, so that the façade can also meet future requirements.


  • high-rise office building with restaurant and retail areas


  • Art-Invest Real Estate

in cooperation with

  • LAND Germany GmbH


  • gross floor area: 37.600 m²
  • competition: 2023

project team