© Sebastian Donath

This family of furniture was designed for the Brandhorst Museum: the Munich Chair, Armchair, Lounge Chair, Sofa and Coffee Table were conceived for its foyer, bistro, lecture halls and meeting rooms. They complete the galleries
of late 20th- and early 21st-century art by underscoring their intimate, quasi-domestic atmosphere, which corresponds to the personal character of this private collection.

The frames are made of solid wood – oak or walnut – that is clear varnished or stained black, while the seats are made of polyurethane and can be upholstered or left bare. The idiosyncratic forms of the Lounge Chair and the Sofa are created by the injection of polyurethane around internal tubular steel frames. The covers are available in various types of fabric or leather.

A new lamp was developed for the foyer in cooperation with the lighting company Zumtobel. Thanks to innovative LED technology, this lamp needs minimal housing and can be produced as a single element up to eight metres long. This makes it ideal for situations requiring linear illumination, such as the long tables in the museum bistro. The polished aluminium housing contains all of the electrical parts as well as a concealed cable for adjusting the suspension height.


  • Munich Family product series comprising Chair, Armchair, Lounge Chair, Sofa, Stool, Coffee Table


  • Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen; ClassiCon GmbH


  • 2009 — 2012

project team

  • Philipp Eckhoff