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During the construction phase of the Hager Forum (completed in 2015) the client entrusted us with another design assignment: along with the refurbishment and redesign of three existing 1980s administration buildings on the Hager site (B26, B27, B28), we have added a new, amorphous structure for their corporate head offices (building no. B29) as well as a new connecting stair hall at the center of these four buildings.

The foyer of B29 is conceived as a continuation of the streetscape, and the intention of a welcoming gesture is being supported by the sculptural shape of the entrance area. A void brings zenith light down to the ground floor, lending an informal, generous feeling to the diagonal space of the foyer which can be used as exhibition space and info point. Following the line-of-sight from the foyer, visitors are diagonally oriented towards the new connecting hall that joins B29 with the three existing buildings. The connecting hall gives access to all four buildings on all levels, and its spacious character is owed to the extraordinary sculptural design of the open staircase: from landings and bridges on different levels visitors and staff can enjoy vistas of the interior space as well as panoramic views of the surrounding Vosges Mountains and Black Forest.

The amorphous form of the new building B29 results from the desire to retain the open northern flank of the square that spans between the ensemble and the canteen building: in order to accommodate an equal floor space, a building structure of longitudinal rectangular shape would need to extend much further westward compared to the compact plan layout of B29, and would thus largely close off the square from the internal access road and the Hager Forum, which is situated diagonally across the road.

© Jan Bitter
© Jan Bitter
© Jan Bitter


  • offices and meeting rooms for the management board and other departments


  • Hager Group


  • gross floor area: 4.000 m²
  • 2014 — 2018

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