© Jan Bitter

The Kvadrat stand at Orgatec 2006 has been designed as a ‘forest of colour’. A large
group of volumes assembled out of the new
Soft Cell frames is placed in a spatial configuration based on a parallel grid but freely arranged to create a varied and surprising bodily experience for the visitor.

Meeting and showroom situations are seamlessly integrated into ‘clearings’ of the ‘forest’; a simple set of furniture has been created to match. The cubic volumes defining the space are covered in the wide range of Kvadrat fabrics with the four sides always parallel and the four surfaces treated in four distinct colour families. Thus the view in one direction always offers one coherent chromatic accord. If, however, you turn your head you will be immediately engulfed by another colour spectrum, giving you a completely different spatial and atmospheric impression.

The Soft Cells stand has been conceived as a space playfully simulating an office/conference as well as a lounge/living scenario. An open and a more enclosed space, a red/pink/orange family and a group of grey/silver/white surfaces intertwine to form a stage for this new product. The lounge area has been complemented with a group of sauerbruch hutton’s ‘Berlin’ furniture family for the vistor to rest and relax. In the conference area a simple meeting set-up allows for the spatial and acoustic effects of the soft cell surface to be experienced in the scale 1:1.


  • Exhibition stand for a textile design company


  • Kvadrat GmbH


  • gross floor area: 300 m²
  • 2006

project team

  • Stephanie Davidson 
  • Seamus Kowarzik