This office building for FIH Bank stands at the end of Langelinie, a long pier in Copenhagen harbour. Its form echoes the simple massing of neighbouring warehouses and also reveals the functionality of a contemporary, climatomorphic, zero-energy building.

The distinctive rooftop canopy catches and channels the prevailing westerly winds through low-noise wind turbines that generate electricity for the building. The double-skin glass façade provides good daylight penetration and acts as a thermal buffer. The outer layer of glass has a photovoltaic coating that allows it, too, to harvest energy. It also serves as a wind and noise barrier for the inner skin, which allows every window in it to be opened independently to permit natural ventilation. The space between the skins accommodates solar screening in the form of perforated metal sheets, which are coated in reddish tones alluding to the traditional brick construction of the area. The angle of each can be adjusted separately to create the workplace lighting conditions desired by the users, causing the building to change its appearance over the course of the day as well as throughout the year.

Inside the building, thermoactive concrete slabs use seawater to ensure a stable temperature regardless of the season. The rounded form of the building improves the ratio of volume to surface area and reduces air turbulence while granting every room a view out over the water.

Jan Bitter


  • Office building with public facilities


  • ATP Ejendomme A/S


  • gross floor area: 20.130 m²
  • competition: 2008, 1st prize

project team