Ever since Sauerbruch Hutton designed and realised the Museum Quarter in Venice-Mestre, they have had a special relationship with this Venetian city. Consequently the office was invited to present a comprehensive exhibition in the rooms of Museum M9: draw love build showed a selection of Sauerbruch Hutton's work from the last thirty years.

Through a broad architectural panorama, the exhibition documented the main themes that interweave through the office’s different projects: dealing with the post-industrial city in its more marginal territories, concern for integrated concepts for improved sustainability of the built environment, and the joy of sensual and surprising spaces that enrich the everyday lives of their users.

Models simulated Sauerbruch Hutton’s buildings and spaces at a reduced scale, whilst drawings and images communicated their underlying concepts. Texts, floor plans, sections, photos and films were presented in a digital format. In addition, of course, the M9 museum itself presented visitors with the 1:1 scale lived experience of the very architecture it displayed, highly unusual for an exhibit of its kind.

Visitors were invited to let themselves be driven by their sensual curiosity or rational interest and to immerse themselves in the world of Sauerbruch Hutton.


  • 2021

project team