To build a new centre dealing with the subject of building on the site of Schinkel's Bauakademie – in analogy to the original institution – seems a good idea.

The built environment is one of the most important factors affecting the life of every single person – even though only a few actually take an active part in its conception. Thus the new Bauakademie should be an attractive and lively place that talks about all aspects of the production, use, maintenance and improvement of the built environment. It will be a place of research, study and information in the ongoing discussion of how the discipline of architecture (in the broadest sense) can respond appropriately to the challenges of the present.

However, it seems premature to want to fix a detailed programme and function of such an institution now before there is any clarity at all on the basic conditions of its existence. Apart from that, a lively institution will change constantly over the years.

A new building must therefore be able to serve all possible and hitherto unknown formats: We need exhibition halls, stages and event locations, facilities for conferences and seminars, we think of studios, medialabs and workshops and imagine social places like a café or a salon, even retail outlets, offices and perhaps a convenience store. In order to make all this (and more) possible, we need a structure that in principle enables the most diverse spatial formations and gives the „New Bauakademie“ the chance to change and evolve over the years.

For today, it should therefore be noted above all that a future building for a new Bauakademie must serve this and future generations as a well-functioning tool, which – depending on the operating concept – can enable a wide variety of uses.


  • Exhibition space, seminar and conference rooms, coworking spaces, retail, showroom


  • Bundesrepublik Deutschland / Bundesamt für Bauwesen und Raumordnung


  • gross floor area: 10.520 m²
  • competition: 2018

project team

  • Mohammed Alhaj Kanama 
  • Tom Geister
  • Marina Stoynova