This concept for a residential quarter in Stuttgart's Stöckach district combines the inherent qualities of a small town with urban living. It integrates into the existing neighbourhood with a combination of residential, work, kindergarten and commercial uses, creating a lively quarter surrounded by green open spaces.

Inspired by the Stuttgart "Bauwiche", the perimeter block development is subdivided to create the impression of a row of solitaires giving the blocks a more intimate scale. The ground floor area will be dedicated to public uses, an existing cultural and mobility centre will be modernised and used as a venue for events. Thematically designed outdoor areas provide orientation within the area, and offer various spaces for socialising. This green space is continued across the “Wiche” and the façades up to the roof terraces, giving all flats their own outdoor space with a loggia, terrace or balcony.

Different types of flats - studios, flats, cluster flats and maisonettes - are designed for a broad range of lifestyles. The flexible structure of the buildings allows flats to be combined, reduced in size or extended according to the needs of the residents. The structural framework consists of a modular timber skeleton with a high degree of prefabrication, which is also reflected in the façades, where the storey-high timber framework is filled with alternating cladding. The use of recyclable and renewable building materials reduces grey emissions, and the optimisation of both the energy concept and the construction can significantly reduce the building's carbon footprint.

With an integrated design based on ESG criteria and realised through high quality architecture, this project addresses individual lifestyles of future residents on a small scale while contributing to sustainable urban development on a large scale.

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Matthias Sauerbruch


  • attractive inner-city urban quarter with a focus on residential development


  • Der neue Stöckach GmbH & Co. KG

in cooperation with

  • Drees & Sommer SE


  • gross floor area: 48.746 m²
  • competition: 2021, 1st prize
  • 2021

project team

  • Jürgen Bartenschlag
  • Julia Blasius 
  • Anvina Canakiah 
  • Carlos Enrique Chauca Galicia 
  • Cherry Cheung 
  • Anita Fabbiano 
  • Asya Güney 
  • Vera Hartmann
  • Axel Ibarroule 
  • Lina Lahiri
  • Katarina Petrovic 
  • Richard Quittenton 
  • Yinan Sun 
  • Johanna Wörner