With an exceptional height of 50 metres, this project forms a new landmark upon approaching the city of Constance. Responding to its location in a traffic-oriented urban landscape, in which the building is mainly experienced in motion, the design uses the principle of kinetic polychromy. The building sets itself visually in motion.

The geometry and colour scheme give the façade a constantly changing appearance - depending on the viewer’s speed and position. This effect is achieved by the façade's three-dimensional structure: expanded metal elements in various colours are arranged at alternating angles, creating the impression of a fold that completely envelops the building and reveals alternating shades of blue and red.

The load-bearing structure as well as the interior walls are a timber construction resting on an in-situ concrete base. Prefabrication of timber elements expedites the construction process and significantly increases the precision of the elements.

The pronounced exterior appearance is countered by an immersive spatial experience within, where visitors explore an historical city panorama designed by Yadegar Asisi. Above the more than 30-metre-high exhibition space dedicated solely to the Panorama, a restaurant with a roof terrace opens up to the surrounding landscape, offering an actual panoramic view over Lake Constance and the Alps.

Transforming a non-place into an attractive recreational destination, the building radiates as a landmark in two directions: attracting attention from afar, while also directing it from within back out to the city, its surroundings and its history.


  • Exhibition space for a historical city panorama designed by Yadegar Asisi, restaurant with roof terrace


  • Panorama Konstanz GmbH & Co. KG


  • gross floor area: 6.650 m²
  • 2018 — 2025

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