With a construction height of 50 metres that is exceptional for Constance, this project creates a new landmark for the western approach to the city. At the same time its unusual location in the eye of a ramp of a motorway bridge marks an intermodal traffic junction with cycle paths, bus terminals, car sharing, a water taxi and even a planned cable car.

The design reacts to this traffic-dominated urban landscape. Since the building is mainly experienced in motion by both visitors and passers-by, the façade picks up on the principle of kinetic polychromy. In both its geometry and colourfulness it is conceived in such a way that, depending on speed and position, the passing traveller is offered a constantly changing appearance: the building itself is visually set in motion.

The self-confident outward appearance is countered by an immersive spatial experience inside, where the visitor explores a historical city panorama designed by Yadegar Asisi. Above the more than 30m high exhibition space that is dedicated solely to the illusion of the panorama, a restaurant with a roof terrace opens up to the surrounding landscape in offering a real panoramic view of Lake Constance with the island of Reichenau and, in the distant background, the Alps.

With simple means and a moderate budget, the design develops a non-place into an attractive recreational destination. In doing this, the new landmark radiates in two directions at once: while attracting attention from afar it also transmits it from the interior back out to the city, its surroundings and its history.


  • Exhibition space for a historical city panorama designed by Yadegar Asisi, restaurant with roof terrace


  • Parkhotel Pforzheim GmbH


  • gross floor area: 6.650 m²
  • 2018 — 2024

project team