This multifunctional high-rise building offers sustainability through both design and technology. Its slim footprint, the construction method and the concept behind its building services all give the building sufficient flexibility for it to accommodate a wide range of different uses.

This adaptability is primarily due to the load-bearing exterior envelope, which keeps the floor spaces on every level free of interruption from walls and columns, apart from the vertical services shafts. The relatively shallow depth of the building results in floor plans that are equally suitable for residential apartments or for use as single or multiple office units. The adjacent plinth building accommodates a hotel and restaurant. A glass-roofed foyer connects the plinth building to the high-rise and serves as a lobby for the hotel as well as the apartment tower. An express lift gives access to a skybar located on the 35th floor.

The façade combines measures that offer thermal, solar, noise and wind protection with a hybrid ventilation concept that is ideally suited to the building’s flexibility. Openable, wind-protected panels enable natural ventilation, while mechanical ventilation is provided by decentralised units that are integrated in the structural grid of the envelope. Together with the cladding of coloured glass panels featuring a relief effect, these lend the façade rhythm, depth and texture.


  • Multipurpose high rise suitable for housing, hotel or offices


  • UpperNord Tower GmbH & Co. KG (CG-Gruppe)


  • gross floor area: 48.900 m²
  • competition: 2008, 1st prize
  • 2011

project team

Ben Hansen

Jonathan Janssens

Denis Kolesnikov

Michaela Kunze

Axel Linde

Nils Lindhorst

Markus Weber