arc en rêve centre d’architecture, Bordeaux

WYSIWYG was installed initially at the Architectural Association in London, and subsequently travelled to a number of different locations around the world. Apart from the presentation of realised buildings and current projects, this exhibition installation attempted to demonstrate some of our specific architectural and spatial concerns. The ironic title What You See Is What You Get refers playfully to our interest in the ambiguities of physical and visual space, a theme which the visitor is to explore in the gallery itself.

The way in which the ceiling was painted in a range of greens optically modulated the flat surface into apparent relief; a series of mirrored tables then reflected this ceiling into the room, creating a group of horizontal, two-dimensional paintings seemingly afloat in the space. In addition, visitors could peep through small viewing holes within these abstract colour surfaces to discover stereoscopic images of built spaces, which appeared to be quite real and three-dimensional. Surrounding these viewing tables the walls were hung densely with information: approximately 150 drawings, model photographs and texts describing various aspects of the projects, with no differentiation made between completed and unrealised designs. For Arc en Rêve in Bordeaux in 2002, we augmented the installation with a video installation entitled plus.


  • Sauerbruch Hutton travelling exhibition


  • 1999