The building form is based on the masterplan for the Stadtmission site developed by Sauerbruch Hutton in 2017. In separate construction phases, the site is to be encircled by a continuous perimeter of buildings, while the inner zone is planned as a green park with freestanding blocks. The new development forms the first construction phase of the outer ring. The new building on Seydlitzstraße creates a smooth façade towards the street, while a spatially articulated edge to the inner park interlocks in various ways with the garden space.

The design unites a mixture of uses that include the community centre, conference rooms, restaurants, offices and social apartments on the upper floors. On the ground floor the community centre is accessible from the street. Approaching from the park to the south of the building, the district café with „Refugee-Kitchen“ can be reached. The event centre with conference rooms and festival hall can also be accessed via a separate entrance on the ground floor. It then extends to the first and second floors, from where a spacious green roof terrace is also accessible. Atop the solid plinth volume stands a lightweight timber structure with offices on the third floor and apartments planned for housing on the fourth and fifth floors.


  • Community centre with conference rooms, dining facilities, office space and social housing


  • Verein für Berliner Stadtmission


  • gross floor area: 8.680 m²
  • competition: 2018, 1. Preis
  • 2019

project team